Rhino Whole House filter system

Rhino Whole House filter system

Delicious, healthy, clean water from every tap in your house is now easier to get than ever. The EQ-300 Rhino Whole House filter system is one of a very few whole house water filter systems certified by NSF International for contaminant reduction – the gold standard in water filtration.

Benefits of the Aquasana Whole House System include...

  • Great tasting, healthy water throughout your home
  • Healthier and softer skin and hair
  • Better indoor air quality from reduction of volatile chemicals*
  • Reduced scale in your water for longer appliance life*
  • Excellent contaminant reduction capabilities: Chlorine, scale*, metals*, pesticides*, herbicides*, pharmaceuticals* and industrial solvents*
  • NSF full system certification
  • Easy installation and replacement of tanks
  • Three-year or 300,000-gallon life
  • No electricity or wastewater drainage lines required
  • Unique three-stage upflow design
  • Three-year warranty on the tanks, and 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Cleaner shower, cleaner air

Your skin is your largest organ. The human body absorbs moisture through both your skin and lungs while you bathe or shower, so it also absorbs any vaporized contamination that may be present. Removing that contamination gives you a healthier and cleaner showering experience, which often means softer skin and hair within days. Removing vaporized contamination also improves the air quality in your home by reducing the volatile chemicals that a hot shower will produce. Our whole house filter will effectively remove over 97% of the chlorine in all of the water in your home.

Health and beauty from the inside out.
Aquasana Whole House filters use a unique set of filtration technologies that reduce water contamination. The EQ-300 Whole House system is NSF certified to reduce over 97% of your water's chlorine, the most common chemical in your tap water. When mixed with organic compounds commonly found in water systems, chlorine can form nasty disinfection byproducts, including chloroform, a known carcinogen.
High-grade activated carbon - the primary media used in our systems - is tested to effectively reduce other water borne contaminants, including pharmaceuticals*, herbicides*, pesticides*, VOCs* and industrial solvents*. We also use a patented copper-zinc reduction oxidation media that reduces water soluble lead and mercury. Finally, both media are bacteriostatic, preventing and reducing the growth of bacteria and algae.*
This means you get delicious, filtered water from every tap in your home.

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